In mid-March, two of my good friends from overseas, Jill and Michael, came to visit. J & M are Americans living in Abu Dhabi (where Jill works at NYU’s UAE campus) and this was their first time to Australia. Needless to say, it was essential that we did all the “Aussie” tourist things — most importantly, visiting the animal park to see koalas and kangaroos.

I had a wonderful time showing J & M around.  Much of the stuff that we did together I hadn’t done since I was a kid, and it was nice to reconnect with the Australiana that is all around me and often taken for granted.

Particularly for my U.S. friends, here are some pictures from our Aussie tourist adventures:

(1) Signpost at Lone Pone Koala Sanctuary

(2) An Emu (pronounced: eeem-you, not: e-moo), a large flightless bird similar to the ostrich

(3) Lots and lots of kangaroos. You can purchase special food pellets from the sanctuary to feed the kangaroos.

(4) I love how this koala is sitting. Clearly, he is one of the “cool” kids.

(5) Koalas sleep almost all the time

(6) Yoga koala

(7) Michael at the Big Pineapple.  Australia has an odd preoccupation with big things

(8) Jill and I on one of Brisbane’s City Cats (basically, fast ferries)

(9) View of Brisbane’s CBD from the City Cat

(10) This photo is taken from the balcony of the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), where we were lucky enough to catch these folks dancing. As far as I could tell, they were just people who did this for fun.  They showed up in their bright garb, danced to a few songs played by those guys with the accordians, and then left again. Bizarre, but utterly entertaining.


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  1. Even before reading your words, I thought that koala was a bit of a poser! Hee hee. Ah childhood memories of the emu that tried to steal my lunch. Hee hee. You’re right, some Australiana stuff we take for granted. x

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