A little reminder to take in every moment

Spotted during my lunch break:

On the giant traffic island where Alice St approaches the Pacific Motorway in the city. A man standing alone in the shade of the tree. Wearing a suit. Playing a saxophone.

Not to busk; not for anyone else. (There is barely anyone down that end of town)

Just for himself. For the pure joy of it.


Image credit: Saxophone on Bench, by Siaron James, licensed under CC: BY-NC


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3 Responses to A little reminder to take in every moment

  1. Love that moment! Such a lovely thing that he’s deriving joy and simultaneously giving joy to the few who were around him. lucky you! x

  2. Tracey says:

    How lovely! I’ve seen a bagpipe player do much the same thing on the far side of the river from time to time. :)

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