Breakfast places in Brisbane

I thought I’d do a follow-on post from my post about our favourite coffee places in Brisbane.  This post is about our favourite brekky spots.

Breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for. I like mornings and I like catching up with friends over coffee. Perhaps it’s also because I’m a bit lazy with my breakfasts at home – I tend to stick to toast or muesli or cereal and rarely cook myself anything fancier than that. Thus, going out for breakfast is exciting for me.  Will I have the savory poached eggs on toast, or the sweet pancakes? Decisions, delicious decisions.

Every now and then I do an online search to see what new and exciting breakfast places have opened around Brisbane. Sometimes I am rewarded, but more often than not I just stumble upon the same old lists of the best breakfast places in Brisbane. Don’t get me wrong, the cafes on these lists are most definitely top-notch, but sometimes it’s good to try something different, right?

So here, organised by suburb (for the suburbs that I like to frequent for breakfast), are my favourite brekky places in the alternative to the more popular spots:

New Farm

Instead of: Cirque; Vue


The Moray Café - excellent food; reasonable prices; dog friendly. Possibly my favourite brekky place in Brisbane

Café Bouquiniste - their avocado on toast is to die for

Chouquette - for croissants and other French pastries


West End

Instead of: The Gunshop Café


Cantina - fabulous Spanish-style breakfast in the quiet part of West End

Lock n Load - hearty breakfasts, good prices, fantastic service, beautiful outdoor seating area

Jam Jar - I heart their funky outdoor space, which is covered in interesting and colourful graffiti



Instead of: Salt; Anouk


Sassafras - okay, this place also frequently features on the best breakfast lists, but I just love their healthy breakfasts and their outdoor area (if you can deal with the crowds)

Simpatico - not generally known for breakfast because it’s also a dinner restaurant, but it does some delicious Spanish style breakfasts and is very sophisticated – one to take the parentals to


Random extra

The Flying Nun Cafe – super charming café in an old church in Samford, with fabulous food. They also have a big ol’ parrot (he’s secured) who just might talk to you if you’re lucky!


Happy breakfasting! xx

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