My Nonna

I’ve been a little quiet on here over the last week because I’ve been focusing my attention on my family. My Nonna – my Dad’s mother – was sick, in hospital, growing thinner and weaker everyday.

On Wednesday, 23 November 2011, she passed.


Nonna with her granddaughters


It has been a sad time for my family, but beyond this sadness I am glad for some things.  I am glad that I was here, in Brisbane, while she was sick and when she passed instead of far away in Washington. I am glad that in her final days, my Nonna was surrounded by her loved ones – her four sons, their wives and their children – exactly as she always liked to be in wellness.

I am also grateful for some things. I am grateful for the concern, support and enveloping comfort of my friends and colleagues during this time. I am grateful to have had such a wonderful, loving and dedicated grandmother. And I am grateful for the treasured memories I have of her, especially those from my childhood: my Nonna teaching my sister and I how to make Italian sweets and cook thick, meaty pasta sauce; making doll clothes with her from the scraps of fabric on her sewing room floor; that time when I was six and obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and she knitted me a jumper (sweater) with Donatello’s giant green face on the front, which was actually no easy feat (my Nonna, the copyright infringer); and Xmas lunches with my Dad’s family, in my Nonna’s sweltering hot house, with enough food to feed an army and an abundance of presents (it was always a holiday of sensations – sweaty, sticky skin; loud, excited voices; full bellies; happiness).

Addio, Nonna.


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