Happy Halloween!


I can’t believe it was a whole year ago that I gladly accepted the invitation from some girls at Georgetown to join them in their Halloween celebrations.  I already knew two of them quite well, but the others I hardly knew.  We had such fun planning our coordinating costumes and partying on the night, though, that we all became close friends for the rest of the year (and, I hope, a long time beyond that).

On days like today I miss my beautiful Georgetown friends, and I really wish Australia did Halloween like the Americans do – it was really something to experience over there! At least I got to do it properly once. Ahoy sailor!

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  1. We were in Hollywood a couple of years ago for Halloween and it was so much fun that we got all our friends together here in Australia the next year to get dressed up and we went to a restaurant. It was so much fun! Georgetown DC had an Italian restaurant near M Street where we had the best gorgonzola bread we’ve ever tasted in June last year. Yum!

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