Isn’t she a beauty?

So thrilled! Nic bought me a Kindle!

Just cos:

    • He knows how much I love to read and how carrying around heavy books hurts my back (but I still do it anyway)
    • He knows I’ve been wanting one but would never buy it for myself (I’m one of those annoying humming-and-harring-and-never-deciding types)
    • He’s been in Berlin for work all week, and he wanted to surprise me with something while he was away (he ordered it to arrive in the post – I had NO idea)
    • He’s the best boyfriend ever, that’s all :)


Now time to get reading!!

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One Response to Isn’t she a beauty?

  1. Faz says:

    Isn’t it the best! I have the previous model and it is great! I enjoy Nic’s planning, nicely done!

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