Springtime wedding

Let’s face it, for all the gushing people do about them, weddings are temperamental, unpredictable creatures. Sometimes the balance is just a little off – maybe the progression of the day feels too regimented, or the time between the ceremony and the reception feels inordinately long, or the speeches make you cringe just a little too much, or maybe you are seated at a table full of strangers who aren’t so skilled in the art of conversation.

But then there are other weddings that make you tingle with excitement beforehand, swell with delight on the day, and smile at the memory afterwards. The wedding of our good friends, Ricky and Nina, this weekend was this second kind of wedding. In short, a pretty-close-to-perfect day.  The ceremony was simple, relaxed and heartfelt. The bride was beautiful. And because they are good friends of ours and we share a number of really wonderful mutual friends, the reception was incredibly fun. The food was delicious, the wine was flowing (perhaps a little too quickly!), we laughed long and loud, and oh did we dance!

Also, a spot of excitement in the day – a rapid rolling-in of dark clouds and a sudden hailstorm, which fell right when we were walking from the pub (where we’d wiled away the hours between the ceremony and the reception) to the reception venue.  It certainly got the heart pounding, to attempt to run in heels through water and ice, praying not to fall, sheltering under my coat, with my friends rushing through the storm beside me!

(Photo credits to my friend, Em)

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