On the weekend: The Earth Events Raw Beauty Workshop

This weekend I trekked down the coast to attend the Earth Events Raw Beauty Workshop.

It was an epic day, crammed full of useful information. The workshop was hosted by eco-model Amanda Rootsey and included presentations from raw chefs Robyn Law and Lana Purcell, organic gardener Nicola Chatham and natural beauty therapist Dani Pepper. I also got to see the fabulous blogging babes Susana, Rach and Tara in the flesh, which is always a thrill.

Earth Events Raw Beauty Workshop

My two favourite presentations were from Lana and Nicola. Lana had a great stage presence and sense of humour – I was laughing all through her set. She gave us some innovative suggestions for making beauty products at home with ingredients from our kitchen pantries.

Nicola’s presentation was chock full of info about how to best grow a small garden at home so that you can harvest all your own herbs, leafy greens and other vegetables for home cooking. I now know how to prep soil properly, plant both seeds and seedlings, keep pests away naturally and how much water and sun plants need. I think I finally know why my plants die all the time!! Nicola made it all sound so easy and she left my friend and I abuzz with excitement about building our own home gardens. We’re planning a trip to Bunnings stat!

What I liked about Lana and Nicola’s ideas were that not only will they help me to be healthier and adopt more gentle and nourishing practices with eating and skin care, but that if I successfully implement their ideas I will save so much money on produce and beauty product shopping. Which never fails to light up a PhD student’s eyes, believe me.

The highlight of the day, though, was the drawing of the raffle tickets – when my friend won entry to Nicola’s gardening e-course!! We had just been talking about gardening and then when they were drawing the raffle my friend turned to me and said, “I have a good feeling about this” and then … winner! We were stoked. She will be bursting with even more good ideas about growing our own organic produce once she’s done with the course, and you can bet your pennies that I will be picking her brain often.

The workshop ended at 3pm. Afterwards, my friend and I went for a long walk on the beach before finishing the day with Mexican food and sangria. Perfection. Love weekends like this.

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5 Responses to On the weekend: The Earth Events Raw Beauty Workshop

  1. Robyn says:

    Nice photo Kylie and thanks for coming along! I liked Nicola and Lana too, I was laughing pretty hard {with not at!} them too. So great to see more and more interest in these kinds of events in my home of Oz!

    • Kylie says:

      Thank you so much for commenting, Robyn! I had such a great day and really appreciate you taking the time for us while you were visiting Australia. I forgot to mention in my post that your presentation inspired me to order a spiraliser – first thing I Googled when I got home!! :p Can’t wait to try your pad thai with zucchini noodles once we get the recipes in the e-book. x

  2. Lozzatronn says:

    Hey Kylie, that sounds amazing. How wonderful. I in turn will be picking your brain, re gardening and natural beauty tips : ) ps, I look forward to helping you with the garden – I say a working bee is in order. : ) xox

    • Kylie says:

      I am definitely keen for a working bee! We could make a day of it and all go home with lots of new vege plants in pots. I’ll talk to Kris about a possible day and let you know x

  3. Lozzatronn says:

    Sounds good :) xox

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