June cooking club update

I’m starting to get back on track with my group cooking club project. This month I made the following recipes from www.101cookbooks.com:

 (1) Autumn Potato Salad

autumn potato salad

This was a really great way to serve roasted veges (a staple in our house). The vinaigrette added a different and interesting flavour. Super easy and delicious.

(2) Sea Salt Baked Potatoes


What appealed to me about this recipe was that I could have some winter-warming comfort-food potatoes, but stuff them full of nourishing greens. Win win.

(3) Sauteed Zucchini


I cooked this on the same night as the baked potatoes, to give us even more vegetables and because we had some organic zucchinis going soft in the fridge. This also turned out really well and was probably my favourite recipe this month. I must say that I feel like I haven’t put a foot wrong when cooking from the 101cookbooks website!

Broccoli and Basil Mac + Cheese


Confession: I’m a lazy cook. I rarely make things that take a long time to prepare and I avoid recipes with long lists of ingredients. This recipe was definitely the most involved of the month – with a few different things to do at once and a longer prep/cooking time than the others. It didn’t go over my laziness limit … but it approached it. The bonus was that this recipe makes a tonne of mac and cheese, so I could console myself that my time was well spent when I had leftovers on hand the next day. (It also reminded me of awesome times in New York at S’Mac - which Farenn dragged me to and turned me into a mac+cheese convert.)


(Top photo is my own, other photos from www.101cookbooks.com)


This is a year long cooking club project to cook as many recipes as possible from one source. Cooking club members post updates on the last day of the month, though there is no obligation to post every month. Other participants:

Lucent Imagery (cooking club founder) / Down by the Sea / Explody Full / Juanita Tortilla

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4 Responses to June cooking club update

  1. Sarah says:

    The sea salted jacket potatoes and the sauteed zucchini look delicious. I haven’t had much time this month to try new recipes so i will have to try harder next month.
    Sarah x

  2. These all sound so good! Love me some green food. :) x

  3. Hope Johnson says:

    I know RIGHT! I made a 101 cookbook recipe last weekend. It was this pasta sauce (http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/winter-pasta-recipe.html) … and holy fondue… I’ve never made pasta sauce before- too much stuffing around, give me a tin of tomatoes any day. BUT this sauce was just amazing. It tasted like fluffy, olivey awesomeness and I felt a skilled, smug cook. Her recipes always seem wayyy too involved for me, so I appreciate your links to the simpler ones. The roast potato one looks particularly fetching for this time of year, like you say. Would be nice with a big blob of natural yoghurt, me thinks.

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