Wednesday Wisdom: Helen Keller

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“I seldom think about my limitations, and they never make me sad. Perhaps there is just a touch of yearning at times; but it is vague, like a breeze among flowers.”

- Helen Keller

I’ve always loved the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. As a baby, Helen contracted an illness that left her both deaf and blind. Consequently, as an infant she was also unable to speak, having no concept of sound and no ability to see lips, gestures or sign language.

Anne Sullivan taught a seven-year-old Helen Keller to communicate through the power of touch, by spelling words into the palm of Helen’s hand. Helen eventually learnt to speak and became a famous orator and author, particularly as an advocate for people with disabilities.


I love this quote because if Helen Keller, who grew up in both darkness and silence, could live a life in which she seldom thought about or was hindered by her limitations, then what on earth am I whinging about, ever?

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3 Responses to Wednesday Wisdom: Helen Keller

  1. Wonderful quote. An enviable state of being.

  2. Monica says:

    it’s learning to live with limitations, learning to work with limitations, and then, perhaps, learning to transcend and not even see limitations…

  3. Hope Johnson says:

    Wow, I never, ever knew that about Helen Keller. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit, I had just written her off as preachy self-help author. I can see now that I’ll have to look into her work a lot closer. Enlightening quote! Thank you for the thoughtful post.

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