Lessons I’m learning (#3 / 2013)

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Sometimes when people are listening hard, they make weird concentrating faces.

They furrow their brow, or crinkle their nose, or frown.


It doesn’t mean that what you are saying is dumb or wrong, or that they are secretly correcting you inside their head. They’re just listening.

So don’t freak out, ok?

Don’t stumble over your sentence. Just keep talking, and let them keep listening, and the world will keep turning.



(Okay, so maybe he’s judging you. But he’s House.)

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One Response to Lessons I’m learning (#3 / 2013)

  1. Ha ha. So true. Maybe their stomachs are turning from one too many cupcakes! Or the light is shining in their eyes. Or they’re trying to suppress a sneeze. So many possibilities! :) xx

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