Technicolour New York

In the past, when I’ve thought of NYC, it’s as a city of grey. Full of colourful people perhaps, but otherwise the proverbial concrete jungle: tall, grey buildings; scarce¬†greenery outside of Central Park; streets where light and shadow are in constant dance with each other; and where, underneath, a dark subway rumbles.

This time, though, is different. Maybe it’s because this time I’m staying in Brooklyn, with its open sky and artsy streets. Maybe it’s because every time I come to New York, I discover so many new things and fall in love a little more. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve got spring on my mind.

Whatever it is, this time all I see is colour.

hats - Matphoto



colour street art - matphoto




Photos (1), (2) and (4) by my friend Mat
The rest by me

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2 Responses to Technicolour New York

  1. Juanita says:

    I think the vibrance of that place can be addictive. Will have to figure out the Subway on my own the next time :) Great photos!

  2. So much vibrant colour! Woot! x

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