International Day of Happiness

Today, 20 March 2013, is the first United Nations International Day of Happiness.

The website invites you to take the take the pledge to create more happiness.

AfH pledge pic v3

It also encourages you to acknowledge your Happy Heroes. I have many Happy Heroes, but there are three that come immediately to mind:

First and foremost is Nic, who always cheers me up when I’m sad and brings me even greater joy when I’m happy. Who always listens and gives excellent advice. Who is my guiding light.

Second is my friend, Kris, who is my anxiety-attack confidante. We have shared our vulnerabilities, we have cried, we have talked at length about ways to be more whole-hearted. I feel as though we are on this journey to be-the-best-versions-of-ourselves together.

Third are the happiness cheerleaders that I have found online. Some I have met in person, some I have spoken with via email or skype, some I have only read. All have changed me.

Thank you x

Some resources making me happy right now:

I’m super happy because my sister bought me Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map as an early birthday present. I haven’t quite started it yet, but I’ve been listening to Danielle’s audio recordings of contemplations, blessings and poems. Do you have them too?  I’ve been listening to “A Declaration of Deserving” about a million times a day. It’s brilliant.

I’m also loving Melissa Ambrosini’s Light Meditation.

Tell me in the comments: who are your Happy Heroes?

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6 Responses to International Day of Happiness

  1. Lozzatronn says:

    Hello dear,

    Jodi comes to mind re happiness Heroes – ever bringing laughter and joy (I have such fond memories of us all laughing together). Claire Oldfield (née Carlin) also comes to mind for always bringing laughter with her brillant story telling/reenactments & joking around in general :)

    Anyway, I wish you were here :) love love xoxox

    • Kylie says:

      Jodi is a great happy hero. That girl and her antics (and her Xmas cards) always make me laugh. Miss you lovely and can’t wait to see you when I get back

  2. Oh my gosh, being called one of your Happy Heroes is one of the coolest labels ever!!! I’m honoured my dear, thank you. Your friendship has brought SO MUCH happiness to me too. I’m going to ponder this a little further and get back to you on my other Happy Heroes. xxx

  3. But of course you would know that my incredible husband and dog are the first ones to name. A dog counts, right? Teaches one how to roll in the grass, sniff the breeze and play daily. xx

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