Cooking club: March update

I’m travelling again, which is why I’ve been away from the blog for a little while. It’s also why I only managed to cook two recipes this month from my cooking club challenge, both of which I made at home before I left.

More updates on travel and other things soon.


This is my first update on our year-long cooking club challenge to cook as many recipes as possible from the one cookbook. Or in my case, from the one cooking blog:

This month I cooked:

(1) Lasagne Tart


This was tasty and a great use of zucchini, but I was lazy and didn’t bake the tart case myself. Those store-bought tart/pie cases SUCK. Why do they always taste sweet? I bought the savoury one and everything, and it was still sweet. Plus, I think it wasn’t deep enough. But despite that little hiccup, this was quite an enjoyable dinner and I think it would taste fab-u-lous if I actually bothered to do it right.

(2) Saag Paneer


This recipe was really. damn. good. Really. I have no idea where you get paneer cheese from and I didn’t have enough time to make it myself, so I used haloumi instead. Worked a treat. Plus, I added (pre cooked) potato. I think this will now be on regular rotation at our house. It was easy to make if you want to try yourself, but word of warning: it does NOT take only 15 minutes to prepare. It took me at least 30 minutes. But maybe that’s because it was my first time, and I took ages to chop the spinach, and I was texting my friend while I was cooking? Anywho, once all the chopping is done it cooks super fast. And added bonus is that leftover buttermilk = pancake breakfast on the weekend. WIN.

(All photos from the 101cookbooks website)

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One Response to Cooking club: March update

  1. Juanita says:

    Hey Kylie!

    This year’s cooking challenge from an online resource is such a clever idea. Why didn’t I think about that? I haven’t been joining you cooking clubbers the past couple of months due to moving house, and such. Maybe I will pick it up again this month?

    The lasagne looks evil, by the way, sweet crust or not. I used to make paneer cheese in my more adventurous days, and it was really simple. Now I wonder what happened to that girl…

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