Vietnam: cities and pagodas

lady w baskets

Lady w flowers

family on moto


Waiting to cross the road – it took some courage

blue building HCMC

Nic at cheap Can Tho restaurant

Nic at the delicious, incredibly cheap, local vegetarian restaurant in Can Tho
– dinner cost us less than $2!!

Cute little girl, Can Tho

This little girl got super excited to see us.
(Maybe we were the first Westerners she’d seen? Either way, too cute. Her Mum couldn’t stop laughing.)

Kid with boxes, Can Tho

pagoda HCMC


three buddhas

Monk on bike

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8 Responses to Vietnam: cities and pagodas

  1. Laughing with strangers = awesome! x

  2. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos Kylie!! Looks like an amazing trip – can’t wait to hear all about it xoxo

  3. Monica says:

    the people met, the connections, even swiftly, made – yes!

    looks so warm compared to the sleet here today. lol

  4. Explody Full says:

    Neon lights behind Buddha’s heads? Strange!

    • Kylie says:

      There was neon everywhere! The pagodas were really quiet strange sometimes. A mix of old (wooden carvings) and new (neon) and, at least to my limited understanding, they seemed to blend aspects of Hinduism and Buddhism in their statues and stories

  5. Sarah says:

    Your visit to Vietnam looks amazing. We always like to get away from the tourists hot spots and experience the true country. What a gorgeous smile that child has!
    Sarah x

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