I’m feeling very lucky right now. :)

Not only is Xmas (and fun times with family + friends) just around the corner (!), but last week I had the good fortune to win the birthday giveaway on In Spaces Between. Yes, that’s right, for her birthday Rach decided to focus on giving rather than receiving with two AMAZING giveaways. What. a. sweetheart.

I don’t usually win competitions, mainly because I don’t make a habit of entering them. I only enter when the prize is something I know I will really treasure, otherwise I tend to think, “someone else will enjoy that more than me”, and I move on. But this giveaway I WANTED. Because it was chock-a-block full of goodies that I knew I would use, enjoy and cherish. Seriously, follow the link above to see just how incredible this prize actually was. I have some photos below, but Rach’s post describes it in proper detail.

I was SO EXCITED when the package arrived in the mail and over the last week I’ve had such a fun time playing with my gifts! Some of my favourites are below:

(1) the Guatemalan blanket – it’s way too hot to use this now, but every time I look at this blanket I feel happy. I’ve never owned something so bright and colourful!

(2) Beautiful gifting materials make wrapping presents a delight. 

(3) Possibly my favourite thing in the giveaway was the pack of “self love” cards. I’ve been trying to make a little ritual out of choosing one each morning and using it to guide my day. 

(4) I’m a planner and a “words” gal, so I am loving the 2013 Lorna Jane diary and the two little notebooks from the talented Sian Richardson. I’ve already been scribbling away like a woman possessed in the latter!

A big, heartfelt thank you to Rach for this incredible giveaway. But more than the things, winning this prize has made me think about the relationships I’ve built through this blog. When I started this little space to brain-dump my thoughts and chronicle my activities as I settled back into Brisbane life, I thought that only a few close friends – if anyone - would ever bother to visit it. I never expected that I would stumble upon communities of bright, energetic, beautiful bloggers with online spaces that lift me up – and that some of those bloggers would read my blog too.

I am surrounded by lovely things and gorgeous souls. How lucky am I?!

[UPDATE: I just received my vintage dress from Drowning in Decadence (also part of the prize)!! It is exquisite. I can't wait to wear it -and will post photos soon, I promise! xx]

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4 Responses to Lucky

  1. Lozza says:

    What an awesome prize to win! I don’t think it could have found a better person to go to :) I can’t wait to see you in that lovely dress too!

  2. You know what my theory is with “luck”? It only comes to those who put out the good karma, work hard, love much and embrace life’s opportunities. You totally deserve this goodness coming back to you. xx

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