Dandelion and Driftwood

I’d read many good things about this cafe in Hendra, but only got to try it recently. The verdict? I’ll definitely be back. It has excellent coffee, cakes AND a lolly cart to boot – what’s not to love?

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4 Responses to Dandelion and Driftwood

  1. Lozzatronn says:

    The photos are lovely, makes me want to go to hendra to see the cafe :)

  2. Faz says:

    We went there ages ago before we went to London – there was a cute little girl there all dressed up selling lollies. She was like 6 or something. I got some lollies simply because I felt it would be wrong not to buy lollies from her! Only problem with this place is it’s kind of in the middle of no where!

    Did Nic approve of their coffee? :P

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank looks like much type of cafe, what a shame it is so far away!
    Sarah x

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