Lessons I’m Learning (#1 / 2013)

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When I was young, I always thought of myself as an “indoors person”. I think that is because as a child it is easy to confuse “outdoors” with “active”. Outside is where your mother sends you when you are being too disruptive or boisterous; outdoors is where running and rough-and-tumble games are played. I never wanted to chase or be chased. I wanted to curl up inside with a book.

As I get older, though, I’m learning that I am undoubtedly an outdoors person. When I’m feeling tired or stressed or down, what I can’t stop thinking about is getting outside – in the sun, on the grass, amongst the trees. Fresh air. Green. Nature. Bliss.

Sunshine makes me happy. The sea makes me happy. Outside makes me happy.

I will never be an overly “active” person. But I am an “outside” person. A quietly outside person – where outside consists of breathing, seeing, sitting, embracing.

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4 Responses to Lessons I’m Learning (#1 / 2013)

  1. What a wonderful new series! I used to be the really active outdoors person – climbing trees, running, cycling, swimming, camping, horse riding etc were all part of my childhood and indeed running into my 20s. As I’ve got older and my vision worse, I’ve become a quiet outdoors person too – I will happily walk all day in the outdoors, seeing and smelling things along the way. And I just adore green spaces that invite us to sit, roll on the grass, read, write and just appreciate the beauty of gardens and breathing a little deeper. x

  2. Sarah says:

    This is such a lovely post, I am very much like you a quiet outdoors person,
    Sarah x

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