Pinterest selection: house and home

(Photo credits: bedroom; bathroom; fridge; flowers; kitchen)

Following on from my reflections on place, I’ve noticed a little pattern on my House and Home pinterest board.

It seems that all the houses I like have:

  • loads of natural light;
  • lots of white;
  • hardwood floors;
  • pastel features and accessories;
  • spacious kitchens; and
  • (of course) giant bath tubs.

Oh so pretty.

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4 Responses to Pinterest selection: house and home

  1. Laura says:

    I love light and open-plan too, but, like you mentioned in your previous post, I want a little nook somewhere I can claim as my own, preferably with a window seat.

  2. Tracey says:

    Yes, I agree with you totally on the features in your dream house. My current house is pretty much as far from a dream as you can get, but it has that all important feature – potential. I can’t wait to add lots and lots of white.

  3. A lovely selection and I love learning more about you through what you choose. Love your list and am definitely with you on wood floors (or fake as I have!), lots of light and white. Hope you find a new place soon! x

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