Yoga retreat

On Easter Monday I attended my first one day yoga retreat at my local Yoga In Daily Life.  I love that place – it’s so relaxing and welcoming, and I really love the style of my teacher there, Tulsi.

When I entered the studio in the morning, I was greeted with peppermint tea and invited to come in and relax. I sipped my tea, lay down on my yoga mat, and closed my eyes. I felt a little, unexpected shiver of pure happiness – I was so excited to spend the day here, to have nothing, nothing else to do today except to practice yoga and concentrate on my physical and spiritual wellbeing.  It is so remarkably liberating to give yourself a day completely free of any other commitments.

We did two hours of yoga and pranayam breathing, and then moved out to the beautiful little garden at the back of the studio, where we spoke about yoga cooking and shared a lunch of red lentil dal, rice and salad.  After lunch, we moved back inside for a 45 minute deep relaxation and some more stretching.  Mid afternoon we had chai tea together, and then we finished the retreat with a meditation.

It was an utterly beautiful day, and I left the yoga studio feeling refreshed, revitalized and with a renewed commitment to cooking and eating better for my body and practicing meditation for my mind. I’m also keen to find the time this year to take a weekend (or more) away to do a longer yoga retreat somewhere.

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3 Responses to Yoga retreat

  1. Sounds positively decadent. And perfect for a mini detox after The Chocolate Weekend that is easter! You must be feeling great today!

    • Kylie says:

      It was decadent – but a decadence of all things that are good for me, which is what made it so great!

      • Was just thinking about this again… it’s funny how we start to view “looking after ourselves” as decadence, isn’t it? It should be something we as a society do all the time rather than as a treat. Glad you are feeling great!

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